Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bandanas and Boro Cloth -- a followup to Jean Cacicedo's recent talk

Jean Cacicedo's talk on Monday included some fascinating stuff:

She mentioned a book, "Indigo: The Color That Changed the World", which I found on Amazon by Caterine Legrand.    (And for anyone who loves indigo, I personally recommend the video BLUE ALCHEMY,  by Mary Lance.  See

"Boro cloth", much-mended fabric created in Japan, originally by families too poor to buy new fabric, was discussed and shown in Jean's talk.  Here's more information:

With permission from Yew Tree House Antiques, this post displays an image of a boro cloth currently for sale. Put the word "boro" into the website search box to see it and the information about it -- I could not come up with a direct link.

The wool gauze Jean likes is available from Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, whose webpage is

Many of us know that crewel embroidery was an attempt to replicate the patterns on textiles brought to Europe and America from India.  But I certainly didn't know something Jean discovered during a trip to India to study weaving and dyeing techniques:  the origin of the word bandana.

"bandana (n.)
    also often bandanna, 1752, from Hindi bandhnu, a method of dyeing, from Sanskrit badhnati "binds" (because the cloth is tied like modern tie-dye), from same PIE root as band (n.1). Etymologically, the colors and spots are what makes it a bandana."  (from  


"from Hindi bāndhnū tie-dyeing, from bāndhnā to tie, from Sanskrit bandhnāti he ties" (

Now I have to go look at one to see the modern translation of the dot pattern which is India's equivalent of Japanese shibori.  I've put a few internet images with this post, but you can find lots more by searching online yourself.

— Rachel Holmen

Monday, May 11, 2015

Past Event: Bring a friend for free on May 18! (Yes, this month's meeting is earlier than usual.)

Guild members are encouraged to bring friends to our next meeting -- when we'll be holding our Silent Auction.  Last year's auction was full of beautiful, amazing items -- everything from jewelry to hand-made items for your home!

The meeting is May 18; doors open at 6:30 pm.  

After the auction, we'll hear Jean Cacidedo discuss The Dynamics of Design, and we'll see examples of her work.  Jean continues to be instrumental in the Wearable Art Movement. She will provide insight into the dynamics of designing with cloth, the transformative properties of cloth itself, and the change beneath the surface of the cloth.

- RH

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Past Event: A few chances left to learn NOTAN from Jean Cacidedo

There are still a few openings for next weekend's workshops.  You don't have to be a member of EBHQ to attend.

The Saturday workshop (May 16, 2015) has one opening -- this workshop uses only black and white paper to help you learn the techniques of Notan.  Monday's workshop on May 18

Saturday's workshop is called "Notan: the Dynamics of Design in Black and White"; Monday's is "Notan: the Dynamics of Design with Color".    See for more details. 
  • For registration questions contact Workshop Chair, Marty Suess as quickly as possible:  (email preferred) or 510-374-6221.

- RH