Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free downloadable book on Sashiko

Those interested in Japan's sashiko garments will want to download a free 16-page booklet by researcher Michele Walker, from A book on Kogin embroidery by Reiko Hara is also available for download at the same site.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Workshop Display at Voices in Cloth - part 2

This photo was taken just to the left of the photos shown in part 1, posted April 20:

White shirt with elephants, by Diana Berry, inspired by Libby Lehman workshops

from Thom Atkins' workshop on beading: Bezels, Edges, and Fringes:

Three square panels by Gwyneth McMillan

To their right are three more panels, the top by Arleen Kukua, center by Claire Sherman, lower by Suzi Stone

The two lower items in this section were inspired by the Alice Kolb workshop, Machine Crazy Quilting.

The irregular-shaped red and orange panel was made by Joan Sextro, and to its right is one in blues and purples by Roberta Horton.

The floral vest, from a Rosemary Eichorn workshop, was made by Suzi Stone.

The next section shows four panels by EBHQ members.

Jane Sassaman workshop, panel by Jo Magaraci.

middle left, Melody Johnson workshop, panel by Jennie Alexich.

middle right, Dale Fleming workshop, leaf by Claire Sherman.

lower panel, Melody Johnson workshop, panel by Sue Fox.

Magenta shirt: Sue Cavanaugh workshop on shibori dying: shirt dyed by Jeanie Minor

This photo was taken just to the left of the photos shown above in this post:

Three large squares in blue and taupe, created by Cele Stauduhar in the workshop Circles, Circles, Circles taught by Gwen Maxwell-Williams.

Floral vest by Sue Fox, inspired by two workshop instructors: Rosemary Eichorn in Raw-edge Applique Vest, and Maureen Noble in Quilting with Decorative Threads.

The top panel is by Sonia Callahan, inspired by Carol Sunderland's workshop on Dispersed Dye Techniques.

Two map quilts, inspired by Valerie Goodwin's workshop Mapmaker, Mapmaker. The center map is by Susan Peck, the lower by Patt Bagdon.

White shirt with elephants, by Diana Berry, inspired by Libby Lehman workshops

Photos by Rachel Holmen.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Workshop Display at Voices in Cloth - part 1

The workshop section of the Voices in Cloth show generated a lot of interest. Here is a pair of photos. The second photo is a detail view of the right-hand section.

Three panels and three garments are shown.

Vest by Suzi Stone at left, from Rosemary Eichorn workshop

Left section, from top:

Jane Sassaman workshop, panel by Jo Magaraci

Melody Johnson workshop, panel by Jennie Alexich

Dale Fleming workshop, leaf by Claire Sherman

Melody Johnson workshop, panel by Sue Fox

Center garment: Sue Cavanaugh workshop on shibori dying: magenta shirt by Jeanie Minor

Center section, from the top:

Ann Johnston workshop on free-motion quilting, panel by Sonia Callahan

Carol Shinn workshop on 'Painting’ with Machine Embroidery, sailboat panel by Jo Magaraci

Lesley Riley workshop on Quilted Memories: family photo panel by Mary Mashuta

Two blue panels from Lynn Koolish's fabric painting workshop, both by Lee Feinstein

Beaded panel from Thom Atkins workshop on bead embroidery, also inspired by Laura Cater-Woods' workshop on Tempting the Muse, panel by Jennie Alexich

From Emily Richardson's Painting and Composition workshop, panel by Lynn Koolish

Vest by Sue Fox, from Debi Tong Gray's Chanchanko Vest workshop

Right-hand section: All from Jill Schumacher's workshop on Machine Trapunto

Top and lower-left blocks were both made by Joan Sextro

Middle block by Jean Stenquist

Small white block at lower right by Patricia Bagdon

Photos by Rachel Holmen

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Past Event: May 12 -- A special meeting for new members

We know that many new members signed up at the recent Voices in Cloth quilt show. Welcome!

At 9:30 am on May 12, in the social hall of the Albany Methodist Church, 980 Stannage Avenue at Marin, all new members of EBHQ are invited to an orientation meeting. You'll meet other guild members and get tips on how to get the most out of your guild membership. Attendees of the new member orientation are urged to stay for a Minigroup meeting which starts at 10. For more information contact Susan Taylor at 510-527-7655 or There's no charge for either meeting.

The rest of the day will be our regular Dropin event, where you can work on any project you bring with you, or help out with the Children's Quilt Project.

Monday, April 16, 2012

REVISED -- Calling All Machine Embroiderers!

THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN REVISED.  See the blog post headed "Change to June Workshop with Ann Horton".

Ann Horton has won over 100 awards at quit shows across the country and internationally. Let her teach you how YOU can make stunning, unique works of art.

Sign up for EBHQ's June workshop with Ann Horton, called Designing Quilts for Digitized Embroidery. She will guide you through the addition of texture, color, and depth using a modern embroidery machine. She says, “The medium of textile art offers a palette of color, pattern, texture, and sculptured layers that are limitless in possibilities."

Check out the details of Ann's quilts at her website, -- click the GALLERY link. One of my favorites, with a detail photo shown in this post, augments some Guatemalan fabrics with complementary embroidery ("Ancient Weaver"), and one superimposes wildflowers on the quilt border ("First Day") as well as showing a textured wall --- and all that texture is machine embroidery. Another quilt is a moving portrait of a woman at her loom ("Threads of Her Hands").

Contact Cindi Cossen to sign up: email her at, and please start your subject line with EBHQ.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Past Event: Kerr Grabowski workshop in Danville - June 10 and 11

EBHQ members are invited to attend a two-day session on deconstructed screen printing, sponsored by The Arty Chicks of Diablo Valley Quilters at the Danville Women's Club. Kerr Grabowski,fabric dyer and painter, Diva of Deconstruction, invites you to come walk the road where artistic intent and “happy accident” merge. You will have a blast!!! The cost of this two-day workshop is only $125 plus a $25 supply fee that includes most supplies and fabric.

For registration or more information, contact Dorothy Foster at (925) 838-3030, or email Kerr's website (including some video clips of her teaching) is

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drop-In = Meetup

Hi, check out for details on our twice-monthly meetups, called "drop-ins". They're free, and EBHQ members can work on any project, or help out with the Children's Quilt Project.

The drop-in location is easily accessible from the 72 bus line that runs along San Pablo Avenue (get off at Marin, walk 2 very short blocks east, and use the second side entrance to the church, on Stannage) and if you drive, there's lots of free street parking within half a block. You can bring a lunch, contribute to a potluck lunch, or pick up something from a nearby restaurant. Hours are 9am - 3pm.

In November, there's usually a special garment show-and-tell at the Saturday drop-in.

The next few dates for drop-ins are:
TODAY, April 10, 2012
Sat April 21
Tues May 8
Tues June 12
Sat June 16
Tues July 10
Sat July 21 (Even though there's no monthly meeting or workshop in July, drop-ins will be held.)
Tues Aug 10
Sat Aug 18

No Saturday drop-in for May.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Past Event: The Art of Tea

While not technically a quilt exhibit, the current show at ACCI in Berkeley includes some quilts. ACCI is having its first collaborative exhibition with the KPFA Crafts Fair, called "CreativiTea", now through April 8, 2012.

Website: http://

ACCI is the Arts and Crafts Cooperative, Inc., and is supported in part by the nonprofit Berkeley Foundation for the Arts. The Gallery is located at 1652 Shattuck Ave. (a block south of Cedar) in Berkeley.