Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drop-In = Meetup

Hi, check out http://www.ebhq.org/drop-in-days for details on our twice-monthly meetups, called "drop-ins". They're free, and EBHQ members can work on any project, or help out with the Children's Quilt Project.

The drop-in location is easily accessible from the 72 bus line that runs along San Pablo Avenue (get off at Marin, walk 2 very short blocks east, and use the second side entrance to the church, on Stannage) and if you drive, there's lots of free street parking within half a block. You can bring a lunch, contribute to a potluck lunch, or pick up something from a nearby restaurant. Hours are 9am - 3pm.

In November, there's usually a special garment show-and-tell at the Saturday drop-in.

The next few dates for drop-ins are:
TODAY, April 10, 2012
Sat April 21
Tues May 8
Tues June 12
Sat June 16
Tues July 10
Sat July 21 (Even though there's no monthly meeting or workshop in July, drop-ins will be held.)
Tues Aug 10
Sat Aug 18

No Saturday drop-in for May.

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