Friday, April 20, 2012

Workshop Display at Voices in Cloth - part 1

The workshop section of the Voices in Cloth show generated a lot of interest. Here is a pair of photos. The second photo is a detail view of the right-hand section.

Three panels and three garments are shown.

Vest by Suzi Stone at left, from Rosemary Eichorn workshop

Left section, from top:

Jane Sassaman workshop, panel by Jo Magaraci

Melody Johnson workshop, panel by Jennie Alexich

Dale Fleming workshop, leaf by Claire Sherman

Melody Johnson workshop, panel by Sue Fox

Center garment: Sue Cavanaugh workshop on shibori dying: magenta shirt by Jeanie Minor

Center section, from the top:

Ann Johnston workshop on free-motion quilting, panel by Sonia Callahan

Carol Shinn workshop on 'Painting’ with Machine Embroidery, sailboat panel by Jo Magaraci

Lesley Riley workshop on Quilted Memories: family photo panel by Mary Mashuta

Two blue panels from Lynn Koolish's fabric painting workshop, both by Lee Feinstein

Beaded panel from Thom Atkins workshop on bead embroidery, also inspired by Laura Cater-Woods' workshop on Tempting the Muse, panel by Jennie Alexich

From Emily Richardson's Painting and Composition workshop, panel by Lynn Koolish

Vest by Sue Fox, from Debi Tong Gray's Chanchanko Vest workshop

Right-hand section: All from Jill Schumacher's workshop on Machine Trapunto

Top and lower-left blocks were both made by Joan Sextro

Middle block by Jean Stenquist

Small white block at lower right by Patricia Bagdon

Photos by Rachel Holmen

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