Friday, June 23, 2017

Past Event: Book Sale at Monday's meeting. And remember: no July meeting.

Monday night's meeting will be preceded by a huge BOOK SALE in the building lobby.  So plan to browse and buy!

This will be our last "spring" meeting; no July meeting, then we resume again on August 28.

The workshop is full and has a waiting list, but Yoshiko Wada's talk on Monday evening is open to everyone.  She'll talk about Japanese boro cloth, which I suspect is related in some way to sashiko embroidery.

Yoshiko Wada - "Tattered Rags: The Art of Boro"
Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada is an artist, author, exhibition curator, textile researcher, and film producer. Long an exponent of traditional and sustainable practices in fashion and textile production, she travels throughout the world giving lectures and workshops, participating in conferences to build greater insight into the world of fiber and textiles.  Join us as she talks about the development of Boro from the repair and re-use of rags to its manifestations in contemporary art.

-- Rachel Holmen