Monday, April 16, 2012

REVISED -- Calling All Machine Embroiderers!

THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN REVISED.  See the blog post headed "Change to June Workshop with Ann Horton".

Ann Horton has won over 100 awards at quit shows across the country and internationally. Let her teach you how YOU can make stunning, unique works of art.

Sign up for EBHQ's June workshop with Ann Horton, called Designing Quilts for Digitized Embroidery. She will guide you through the addition of texture, color, and depth using a modern embroidery machine. She says, “The medium of textile art offers a palette of color, pattern, texture, and sculptured layers that are limitless in possibilities."

Check out the details of Ann's quilts at her website, -- click the GALLERY link. One of my favorites, with a detail photo shown in this post, augments some Guatemalan fabrics with complementary embroidery ("Ancient Weaver"), and one superimposes wildflowers on the quilt border ("First Day") as well as showing a textured wall --- and all that texture is machine embroidery. Another quilt is a moving portrait of a woman at her loom ("Threads of Her Hands").

Contact Cindi Cossen to sign up: email her at, and please start your subject line with EBHQ.

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