Saturday, January 08, 2005


Welcome to the East Bay Heritage Quilter's Blog. (Blog is short for "web log".)

The page you are reading is a new experiment, initiated January 8, 2005.

I'm putting this on our website as a means for EBHQ members to post current announcements, photos, news, tips, corrections, suggestions, and other information. The tone will be friendly and informative.

Any member of the guild can post here, if you think your post will interest other members. Remember to sign your post so we know who's talking! Our focus is quilting -- if you want to talk about knitting or embroidery, discuss health issues or politics, or share recipes, I'll be happy to show you how to get started with your own blog.

Members who have websites about their quilting are welcome to post links to their sites.

The site administrator (me) reserves the right to edit and delete posts.

To post information here, please email me at for an invitation, or simply email me the image(s) and text you'd like me to post on your behalf.

Happy quilting!

-- Rachel Holmen

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