Saturday, February 11, 2012

Computer Passwords

I’d like to share some thoughts on computer passwords with my quilting buddies: At an EBHQ board meeting recently I was startled to hear that many use the same password for everything they do on their personal computer. Consumer Reports Jan 2012 has a very helpful article Hack-proof your passwords. I recommend reading the article and rethinking password choices and storage plans. Some brief notes follow.

L, Deanna

The average consumer can't tell how securely their password is stored on a site but using the strongest password gives you the best chance of resisting some attacks.

Hacking tools are much more powerful now, cheaper, and more readily available.

The risk of having a password stolen is probably slim but the risk is real and rapidly growing. The June 2011 Consumer Reports State of the Net survey projected that 3.7 million online U.S. households had been notified in the past year by a company, organization, or the government that their personal information had been lost, stolen, or hacked.

Best ways to protect passwords
Don't use the same one twice.
Make them strong.
Avoid the obvious.
Keep them safe and up-to-date.
Tips on how to secure your computer and browser.
Clear directions: How to create a strong password (and remember it)

From Deanna Davis

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This seems to link to a different article at the Consumer Reports site which has additional tips about creating safe passwords. -- Rachel Holmen