Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remembering Carol Lee Blangsted

Carol Lee Blangsted, who held dozens of board posts over the years at EBHQ, and who emceed the November "show and tell" event every year, lost her battle with cancer on June 22, 2012.  She'll be remembered for her knowledge, her skills, for the classes she taught, for her well-made and often humorous quilts, and most of all for her hats.  The sad news was conveyed to our members by new board president Deanna Davis at yesterday's guild meeting.

Carol Lee Blangsted was interviewed and recorded in 1998 for the EBHQ Living Treasures project.

If you have photos of Carol Lee, or of her quilts, or memories you'd like to share, please email photos for this blog to raeholmen@gmail.com, and post memories as comments to this post.

Here's a photo of her quilt "Remember Test Patterns?"  in the Voices in Cloth 2012 show.

The New Pieces website has several photos of Carol Lee, and photos of some of her quilts in listings of past classes.

-- Rachel Holmen

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