Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Children's Quilts Update - 6/18/13

This week in Children's Quilts

EBHQ's Children's Quilts come into being many different ways. Because we now collect and give away almost 1200 quilts a year we can no longer remember the stories of each one.  The blocks in the quilt below may have been cut from a salesman's donated samples and the sashes and binding cut from the personal stash of the volunteer making up the kit. Another volunteer would have taken the kit home and stitched it up before returning it. Then another volunteer would have quilted it. Finally, another volunteer stitched on the binding before giving it to another volunteer to hand sew down the binding.

Or, one happy volunteer may have done all those jobs.  Love those bright colors!

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Susan Dague said...

I'll step up to say that I cut the kit, and all from my stash of oranges and greens used in other quilts, especially since these are the "team colors" for the raffle quilts for Oakland Strokes, a rowing club for teens.