Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Japanese Puzzle Quilt by Mabry Benson

I made my first Japanese Puzzle quilt in 1993, after my friend Ann spotted it in a Quilters' Newsletter Magazine, and I figured out how it was made.

I later realized that it would be possible to make this with no two pieces the same shape. I collected 2 cubes of red & black fabrics, which got buried in the back of the closet. Last year during 'deep search' those cubes surfaced, and I decided to do the quilt. I got it half done in August:

I almost finished the top this February. I intended to whack off the irregular edge and sew on the border, but found that the edge wasn't in a straight line. It would have been difficult to sew on by machine, so I decided to hand sew it - this from 'the not-a-hand-stitch-in-it' queen.
As you can see I have a ways to go:

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