Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Postcard Play by Susan Dague

Postcard play

by susandaguequilts
I don't think it's procrastination, but I got stuck in the vortex of a postcard binge this week.   I couldn't get out until I finished these, and I had fun all the while.
Leftovers from my current project:
The fruits of my most recent vintage fabric / embroidery marathon:
And my current favorite:
(If you haven't silently said, "Awwwww . . . "  yet, you're having a really tough day.)
I also include one experimental card, using a technique that I want to try a bit more:
For first-time viewers, these postcards are being made for the Voices in Cloth 2014quilt show that our East Bay Heritage Quilters guild hosts.
For instructions on making your own cards, click here for a tutorial, and to see a gallery of more postcards samples, click the tab marked "EBHQ Postcards" on my home page.

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