Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Past Event: Alameda County Arts Commission Quilt Exhibit

EBHQ’s Alameda County Arts Commission Exhibit

Now through February 26, 2015

The Alameda County Arts Commission Exhibit is now installed and already being enjoyed by many visitors! Please take time to visit the two locations that are hosting our guild member' quilts.

Alameda County Administration Building
1221 Oak Street, Oakland
1st and 5th Floor


Highland Hospital Pavilion
1411 E 31st St, Oakland
Main Lobby

I wanted to share a few photos. Due to long halls and glass enclosures, they are not the best photos. But it does show how lovely they look in the spaces.

Alameda County Building - 1st Floor

Alameda County Building - 5th Floor

Highland Hospital Lobby

I also wanted to share part of the lovely letter that I received the Program Coordinator for the Exhibit:

Already we are getting rave reviews about the show! The County employees were extremely excited by the show.  I had several employees tell me about all their many favorites.  One employee even used an online translator to see what the meaning of the African language phrase is on the Kangs of Africa quilt.  The exhibit is a big hit!

It is so nice to bring art to the people who work and visit both the County Administration Building and the Highland Pavillion. It clearly makes them happy.  I could really see the thoughtfulness with which you and your team put into the groupings.  They not only worked very well together but they also worked extremely well in each individual space.  So thank you for all your work on putting it together! 
Violet Juno
Program Coordinator
Alameda County Arts Commission
A Division of the County of Alameda

And to add to Violet's letter, thank you all for sharing your quilts and thank you to Claire Sherman and Kim Buteau for helping put this together.

Pati Fried.

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