Saturday, March 31, 2012

Past Event: Freddy Moran workshop for Diablo Valley Quilters on April 22

Diablo Valley Quilters are hosting a workshop on April 22 with Freddy Moran. This dynamic teacher insists, "Red is a neutral." I'm not sure if there's still room, but you might want to check it out. (And it won't conflict with Marjan Kluepfel's workshops for EBHQ, which are April 28 and April 30.)
Red is a neutral.

A quote from an interview with Freddy in Quiltmaker: "One of my daughters in law signed us up for a quilt class. I told her I didn't really like thread and she said, "Just get in the car." So I did. I'll never forget standing in the quilt shop that day, looking around at all the fabric. My heart started to pound looking at all those colors." (Source article. )

Amazon lists some of Freddy's books here.

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