Friday, March 16, 2012

BART and bus to the quilt show March 17-18, 2012

Do you know you can use any phone to get exact bus departure times for reaching the quilt show March 17 and 18?  Here's detailed information about how to take BART to Richmond, and the 74 bus to the show.  

General information:  The bus runs twice an hour on Saturday and Sunday, and the ride takes 12 minutes.  The schedules are the same both days.  The last weekend bus leaves at 10 minutes to 8 in the evening.

Cost:  Adult fare is $2.10 each way.  The senior fare (65 and up) is $1.05 each way; this is also the youth fare (ages 5 to 18).  

Drivers do NOT carry change, so either bring exact change or use your Clipper/Translink card.

Coming to the show:
Take AC bus 74 southbound from Richmond BART.  Get off the bus at  "Harbour Way South & Ford Point". The bus stop is closer than ANY possible parking place you might get.

Getting an EXACT departure time:  if you have a smart phone, you can ask for information about stop 51200 at Richmond BART.  See the end of this article for more information about using your phone to get bus schedule information.

Getting home after the show:
Take 74 northbound to Richmond BART.   To get an exact departure time for the bus, ask for information about stop ID 54541. 

The last weekend bus leaves at 7:50 pm and reaches Richmond BART at 8:02 pm, so no worries about being stranded at the end of the show without a ride. 

Using a phone to get bus information -- three ways:

Bus riding has changed since the old days, since there's a lot more information available about actual bus arrival times. You can dial 511 from any phone -- even a pay phone, or use text messaging, or use a web browser to get quick, reliable information.

By voice:

You can dial 511, say MAIN MENU when the recorded voice starts talking (it's okay to interrupt, really). At the main menu, say DEPARTURE TIMES, and then say or dial the stop number: 51200 if you are at Richmond BART on your way to the show, or 54541 if you are leaving the show. I find it best to enter the stop numbers with my phone keypad since the voice system doesn't always hear stop numbers correctly. The recorded voice will tell you the street intersection (to confirm your stop ID) before it tells you the bus arrival times.

With text on a cell phone:

At Richmond BART, you can text "nbus AC 51200" to phone number 41411, and you'll receive an immediate reply with the next two departure times. At the Harbour Way stop, text "nbus AC 54541" to 41411 to receive the pickup times there.

Web Browser:

You have three choices. The first is best if you know your stop ID.

So come and enjoy our wonderful quilt show!

(Information provided by Rachel Holmen of EBHQ)

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